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favourite episode per series with Places and Things

the runaway bride




"You and the Doctor. I can kind of picture it."

For every person who comments on my posts to tell me how their relationship isn’t healthy, traditionally cute, and something you should look up to, this here is why I love it for not being those things.  

Their characters are so broken, flawed, and literally not human. They have no concept of living normal human lives and don’t aspire to it. They dont’ think like humans. They think like broken warrior time lords just trying to live as best they can despite their dark sides. That’s what makes it compelling to watch as they come together — from the good moments to the bad. 

River is very much like the Doctor. They’re both broken, they can be frightening, they can be warriors, they make mistakes, and they go too far, but in the end, they’re both just trying to do the right thing. 

So much of what defines both of their characters is their damage. Eleven’s dark side is constantly portrayed as a terrifying negative aspect of his character hidden just under the surface and River freely calls herself a psychopath hiding her own damage beyond what is healthy. They’re not ok and that is made very clear which is what makes them such interesting characters on their own and together.

And through all of this, they are drawn to each other and love each other. Those flaws are part of what brings them together. She’s drawn to some of her psychopath tendencies she sees in him and he’s drawn to his dark side that he sees in her. 

They will never win awards for most ideal marriage, but that’s not what I’m watching for. I’ve seen normal, cute relationships done countless times. I’m here for these two unusual characters who struggle with their own demons and don’t always get it right. 

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series 4 + scenery



i didn’t even put captions
because it doesn’t even matter what they’re saying
look at these idiots’ faces and tell me they aren’t in love
why couldn’t ten and rose have had a dancing scene

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The Doctor and Donna: Missing each other

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The Last Great Time War

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30 days of who day 1 → Favorite female companion: Donna Noble
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