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n. (/ˈyo͞onəˌkôrn/)

  1. A mythical creature; beautiful, otherworldly
  2. The possibility of something new; a better world, a different way of life
  3. A choice with no regrets; that life is not yours but the fact it could have been is good enough
  #Meg Masters    #Castiel    #Megstiel    #Megstiel week    #Supernatural    #spn    #cherry's stuff    #This is my definition of Unicorn now    #which is why I'm a bit uncomfortable when people call Dean cas's Unicorn or vice versa    #Because I don't know if they really understand what they're saying    #Unicorn is not some cute happily-ever-after nickname    #it's a choice to give up on your love for your own path    #Sam loved Amelia    #she saved him and showed him a better life one that was entirely possible if he only chose it    #Castiel was able to see past the fact Meg was a demon and all the vil and darkness within her    #to see that there was some good and that he was capable of loving and accepting that good despite the bad    #He could have been her impossible happy ending maybe an angel and a demon together    #and she loved that feeling of being loved    #but she gave it up    #she didn't stay behind for the Winchesters or for Cas    #she stayed for herself    #she chose vengeance over life with her Unicorn    #she left Castiel as Sam left Amelia    #So before you Destiel shippers start throwing the word Unicorn around with Cas and Dean    #think about what you're saying    #do you want them to end like Amelia and Meg?    #One of them abandoned for the life they don't understand?    #Meg and Cas was never meant to be    #an angel of the lord and a twisted fallen human soul    #but that's what makes their impossible love all that more beautiful